Generate NFTs based on user's personality

There are so much going on this October. I have two Bootcamps going on at the same time, a two-week-long project, the ETHOnline hackathon and a new start in my career! I am also trying to sell my iPad Pro and a brunch of scammers approached me… gave me a headache.

Btw, let’s get into today’s topic. The half-finished hackathon solo project that I had recently submitted lol!

If you want to have a look, here is the demo I deployed on to Fleek. P.S. I plan to improve upon the current version because it is “embarrassingly bad”.

The original project idea is to build a casual personality test and map some NFTs to the personality results. These NFTs will be minted on a first-in-first-mint basis at a limited quota.

However, I was stuck on the personality test side for a very long time because I am not a psychologist and I don’t know how to design a personality test… After that, I kind of randomly assigned personalities to those Pokemon cards. Then, the NFT part is relatively easy. With the help of the NFTPort, minting to Polygon or the testnet is completely free. Free minting is one of the reasons why I picked NFTPort in the first place. It also supports OpenSea’s metadata configuration and essential features such as NFT storage, which is pretty handy.

However, using third-party services like NFTPort is not a common practice. Especially if you want to design another set of smart contracts to interact with the NFT.

In the following months, I will redesign and add extra features on top of the current project, such as:

Source code is on GitHub.

About Retroactive Public Goods Funding

Karl and Vitalik talked about retroactive public goods funding on the recent EthOnline click-off ceremony.

This idea was raised as we learnt there are lot of coin voting failures, such as the one with EOS and the Hive fork.

The idea of retroactive public goods funding is fund only goes to the public good that showing to have an actual impact. Instead of funding public goods ahead of time, and hope that it’s going to do some good over time.

Project Token

The Retroactive Public Goods Funding Oracle


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