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About Me

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ Welcome to my digital garden! I am an accountant turned developer. I write about Blockchain, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Zero-knowledge Proof, Decentralised Applications(Dapp) and things that I learnt throughout my programming journey.

Things I do at work:

Things that I do outside of work:



Why ZK?

I will never forget what happened back in summer 2019. Witness that they tried to rewrite history despite mass opposition. Powerless, misanthropic, and insecure all over me… I started to research into alt-tech, desperately try to find a solution and encourage people around me to try out these cencership solutions. The first project that caught my attention is the LBRY protocol, a blockchain network that prioritizes freedom of speech. I have been volunteering for the LBRY Foundation since then. Then I discovered zero-knowledge proof through word of mouth and learn the incredible value it can potentially bring to humanity. Later decided to quit my regular 9-5 job to concentrate on study full-time.

Inspired by the cyberpunk and Web3.0 movement, I had quit all mainstream social media in late 2019. You might still be able to find my old social media accounts but they were no longer active.


A song I listen to when I lose motivation.

I don't really like being out there. These articles/notes will only be published here in my garden.

Not sure if you had heard of Radicle? Radicle is a decentralized peer-to-peer code collaboration network built on open protocols. It is a GitHub/GitLab alternative that is still under development. I am transitioning to Radicle. Welcome to visit my account on Radicle here.

P.S. The time I update my site, Radicle team is still building app.radicle.network, it is possible if you can’t see any projects associated with my profile.