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About Me

Hello 👋 Welcome to my digital garden! I am an accountant turned developer. I write about Blockchain, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Zero-knowledge Proof, Decentralised Applications(Dapp) and things that I learnt throughout my programming journey.

Things I do at work:

Things that I do outside of work:



Why ZK?

I started to research into alt-tech back in 2019, desperately trying to find a solution and encourage people around me to try out these censorship solutions. The first project that caught my attention is the LBRY protocol, a blockchain network that prioritizes freedom of speech. I have been volunteering for the LBRY Foundation since then. Then I discovered zero-knowledge proof through word of mouth and learn the incredible value it can potentially bring to humanity. Later decided to become a developer and dig deeper into the zk rabbit hole.


A song I listen to when I lose motivation.

I don't really like being out there. These articles/notes will only be published here in my garden.

Inspired by the cyberpunk and Web3.0 movement, I had quit all mainstream social media in late 2019. You might still be able to find my old social media accounts but they were no longer active.

Not sure if you had heard of Radicle? Radicle is a decentralized peer-to-peer code collaboration network built on open protocols. It is a GitHub/GitLab alternative that is still under development. I am transitioning to Radicle. Welcome to visit my account on Radicle here.

P.S. The time I update my site, Radicle team is still building app.radicle.network, it is possible if you can’t see any projects associated with my profile.